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Are magazines sent to the Troops and to Children's Hospitals tax deductibe?

The magazines and books are not tax deductible.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Can magazines and books be sent to the Troops and Children's Hospitals?

Magazines can be sent to the Troops and books can be sent to Hospitals.

Change of Address/Subscription Status

Change of address or check subscription status.

When should I expect to receive my magazines?

Delivery guaranteed within 120 days of the date of sale.

Do I need sales experience?

No! Read about how we offer MORE THAN FREE training.

How do the contest & cash awards work?

Learn how you can earn extra income in our award contests.

What kind of people are you looking for?

Find out if you have what it takes to be in a fast moving career.


"Magazines are guaranteed to deliver within 120 days of the date of sale (provided you are at the same address as when you placed your order & the address is correct on your sales receipt)."

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